Web Development

This is the page where most web development companies throw out terms like “php”, “asp.net”,  “javascript”,”programming”, etc.. As a small business owner coming to a web developer, in most cases you don’t care how it works, you just care that it works and isn’t going to cost a small fortune. ADHD Media makes it work and it doesn’t cost a fortune, we’ll leave it at that unless you really want to talk techie (hey some people like it). In that case we can talk techie with you until your eyes glaze over like Krispy Kreme doughnuts or in the event they don’t you probably don’t need us anyway!

There are endless approaches to a client’s situation when it comes to web development. What matters is the functionality of the site, ability to update it, ability to upgrade when the time comes, and how long will it remain viable before a complete overhaul is needed. Well designed and engineered sites can easily have a service life of 5 years or more. Certain elements of the site can be used 10 years or more before an overhaul is necessary.

ADHD Media can provide you with what you need in the web world and won’t try to sell you things that you don’t need. We do our best to match web development with a client’s needs and their customer’s needs. We only use glitz when and where it is needed and where it will provide the most return on investment. We also speak english when consulting with clients about web development and technology.

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