"it takes time..."

Advertising reps for print publications are notorious for the "it takes time" before an ad will get response routine. In the mean time you are paying hundreds of dollars per publication for your ad during this "takes time" period wondering whether or not there is going to be a pay off. Small businesses don't have the luxury to gamble on 6-8 ads per publication to find out whether or not it will be effective advertising. So what do you do if you still need to advertise but you don't know whether or not a particular publication will work for you? First off, ANYTIME you start advertising with a publication make sure some sort of system is in place to track TANGIBLE results. On your first few ads make a stout offer. Something that if your target clientele sees it, it will generate some sort of response. An example is restaurants running a 2 for 1 entree special. Ideally you make an offer that doesn't cost you any out of pocket expense (although you may not make any money either) but is an irresistible for your target clientele. If you don't see SOME sort of response, even on the first few runs, you really have to question whether or not your target audience is actually seeing your ad. Keep in mind you have some responsibility in this too. Make sure your ad is well designed and speaks to your target clientele. You can't hold a publication responsible for lack of performance if you submitted or approved a poorly designed ad.
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